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Duration: 60 minutes | Language: English

Friday, October 21 2011 | 6:00 PM (IST)

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Use ‘Present Live’ on authorSTREAM for your online meetings, in real time.
This innovative service brings presenters and attendees together to discuss PowerPoint presentations on the Web. Whether or not they have PowerPoint installed on their system. Present Live feature enables you to present right from your desk, while your audience views the presentation live in their Web browser.

For example: Teachers can give presentations and lectures to students over the web with no extensive technology needed to present online.

Present Live at authorSTREAM is A quick and easy way of discussing a presentation using text chat and third party tool like Skype for audio conferencing. This feature has opened up a new channel of live communication for use in business, education, entertainment and other sectors.

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I'm Shivali Gupta, a PowerPoint Professional Trainer and Support at authorSTREAM. I create and teach about PowerPoint presentations. Always active to solve your problems related to PowerPoint.

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