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Duration: 60 minutes | Language: English

Friday, September 23 2011 | 6:30 PM (IST)

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About the Class

authorSTREAM Channels are your personalized web pages to showcase your presentations on themes of your choice. These Channels allow you to categorize your presentations into multiple topics.

Whether you are a free or a paid user, you get complete freedom and an interactive platform to create customized storehouses of presentations based on any subject, cost-effectively. You can showcase your products, tell about your services, improve your company’s branding and create an online space for your business. The following topics will be covered in this webinar:

1) How to create a Channel on authorSTREAM
2) Add presentations to a Channel
3) Advanced customization
4) Branded Channels

We encourage you to post questions related to authorSTREAM and PowerPoint in the PowerPoint Community.

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I'm Shivali Gupta, a PowerPoint Professional Trainer and Support at authorSTREAM. I create and teach about PowerPoint presentations. Always active to solve your problems related to PowerPoint.

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