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Be a Presentation God: Design and deliver blockbuster presentations

Duration: 60 minutes | Language: English

Tuesday, May 07 2013 | 11:00 AM (CST)

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About the Class

Scott Schwertly is coming to elevate you to the position of a Presentation God through his webinar - How to be a Presentation God: Build, design, and deliver a fire-breathing, wing-flapping, roar-bellowing behemoth of a presentation.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this webinar:
Build: How to formulate excellent, resonant and logical presentation content
Design: How to polish your presentation with the best design
Deliver: How to sell your idea, product, service or company when you’re on stage

Plus, Scott promises that unlike most presentations that say the same things (less is more, get rid of bullets and use images, emulate Steve Jobs, and so on), this webinar will actually divulge step-by-step secrets for how to build, design and deliver blockbuster presentations.

Keywords: powerpoint, presentation, webinar

Scott Schwertly Scott Schwertly

Profile Summary

Scott Schwertly is an epic storyteller. Author of best-selling book How to be a Presentation God, he is the CEO and founder of Ethos3, an internationally renowned and award-winning presentation design and training company located in Nashville, TN.

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